In-Depth Knowledge

Complex decisions need a technically sound decision-making basis. This includes more than just an objective analysis of the starting situation. Insightful specialist studies and expert reports also contain national and international comparisons, point out trends and challenges, outline and evaluate all the conceivable solutions, and process the results in a comprehensible manner in a way that is adapted to the communication channel. Particularly in issues concerning the healthcare and social system, and in the culture and sports industry, we can contribute extensive experience and our position as one of the leading consulting firms on the market.

The involvement of the participating organizations’ stakeholders is important to us, and not only for validation of our results; but also for increasing acceptance of the results and the decisions made based on them. In addition to the application of classic business methods and tools for specialist studies, we adapt common scientific models for our customers’ issues (e.g. ICG impact analysis model for cultural organizations, or measurement of the SROI for various organizations in the social sector). It is also particularly important to us that, in our studies, we use coherent, comprehensible methods to generate, describe and evaluate conceivable solution options such as a cost-benefit analyses for the comprehensible selection of different variants.

Objective Decision-Making Support

With our studies, our customers receive an in-depth and comprehensible decision-making basis, i.e. an illustration of possible action alternatives which is as objective, comprehensible and comprehensive as possible, and which outlines their advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks. One particular focal point is the specific calculation of the effects of certain (current or future) projects based on scientific methods.

A decision in favor of a particular variant or a certain scenario can therefore be made based on facts. Examples of this include a decision in favor of the amount of subsidies required for the Vienna-based theater company Vereinigte Bühnen Wien or the introduction of a free healthcare hotline as a pilot project in the federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg (TEWEB). The results of ICG’s impact analyses and specialist studies are also often an occasion to develop funding programs or to promote special topics in a more intense and specific way.