ICG Model as a Basis

Despite there being knowledge, success stories and intense discussions on “agility” as a topic, both online and at conferences, each individual organization must ask itself:

  • Could more agility be useful for us too?
  • What aspects of agility might be useful in particular?
  • How do I choose the aspects which are most effective for us?
  • What is the best order to follow?
  • Or, to sum up: How should we tackle the issue specifically?

We want to help you find answers to these questions. We use our ICG model, which contains seven elements that are ideal as starting and intervention points, as a basis for further developing an organization to make it more agile.

Development as a Process

The elements are interrelated and therefore need to be considered from an interlinked standpoint during further development – and our approaches are geared towards this.

Based on your biggest challenges, together we launch the combination of measures that best benefits your business. This naturally involves applying agile principles such as short planning phases, swift action, and the development, testing and use of initial prototypes.