Who is ICG Rijnconsult?

Foto: Johannes Gellner
ICG and Rijnconsult officially joined their forces as of January 2020, resulting in an international consulting firm operating in the European market. Together with executives and employees we develop sustainable transformation processes for corporates that want to make a positive impact in the context they are operating in. ICG has originated from Austria over 30 years ago and Rijnconsult was started by outsourcing the advisory department from Akzo 40 years ago.

100+ Consultants

We act combining state of the art expertise and systemic social competence.

Our team

10 European Countries

We live a common approach with local understanding and a common European mindset.

Our Locations

40 Years of Experience

We have many decades of practical experience and work with innovative, future-oriented methods.

Reference Overview
»Together we can make a change, move things and learn from each other every day.«
»At ICG, I value the openness, simplicity and common purpose of taking things a step further.«
»Through the intensive internal exchange about our projects, we use the best-practice experience from different industries for our customers.«
»It is incredibly exciting to work together with impressive clients.«
»We develop and evolve together with our clients.«
»How can learning and development be anchored sustainably in organizations? This question drives us.«

Our success story


Start of Rijnconsult

Establishment of the firm Rijnconsult by externalising the advisory department of Akzo.


A Start-up in Graz

Foundation of the start-up Infora by the university assistants Manfred Höfler and Norbert Herbst with a focus on organizational development and IT organizations.


Consulting expertise for Finland

Innotiimi was founded in Finland by Kari Helin and Arto Helin, focusing on innovation and team development.


Success in Austria and Finland

Infora Austria has grown: 18 employees are carrying out exciting projects. At the same time, Innotiimi Finland becomes famous for new innovation methods.


Rijnconsult diversifies

Rijnconsult diversifies its business and starts to internationalize in Europe.


From Austria to Hungary

ICG Hungary was founded together with Szolt Szabo-Jilek and Zoltan Marton. The Hungarian company grows rapidly to 10 consultants and focuses on Lean and organizational development.


Into the German market

First projects lead to the establishment of a small group of consultants in Germany.


Rijnconsult Employee Buy-Out

Rijnconsult succeeds in employee buy-out from stock listed ICT company: a fresh re-start.


Expansion in Europe

New partners in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria open up the market to South East Europe.


Infora becomes ICG

Our growth results in a new business model and a new brand: the ICG Integrated Consulting Group. Together with Stefan Posch ICG Innovation was also founded.


A start-up in Prague

The Czech Lean experts Milan Gazdik and Libor Cadek bring in their start-up Capability to ICG. Today, a team of 12 people is working in Prague and Bratislava.


Innovation from up north

The befriended Innotiimi-team with more than 25 consultants merges with ICG, bringing in the Scandinavian way.


First contacts between ICG and Rijnconsult

First contacts between ICG and Rijnconsult in joint learning, business development & projects.


Silicon Valley Learning Journey

Rijnconsult joins ICG's Learning Journey to Silicon Valley.


New Global Partnerships

The partnerships are strengthened with Schaffer Consulting from the U.S., Change Factory from Germany, Innova from China, and Rijnconsult from the Netherlands.


ICG strengthens Digitalization

The Austrian company dignit is focused on digitalization and partners up with ICG. Richard Hübner and Markus Heingärtner are two experienced consultants enriching our cooperation.


ICG Rijnconsult relationships boosts in China

After the first Learning Days organised in the Netherlands with i.a. Jos de Blok and James Priest, the relation between ICG and Rijnconsult is boosted even further during the Learning Journey to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzen.


Start of ICG Rijnconsult

The joint venture of ICG Rijnconsult is started by the experienced consultants in strategic change Bas van der Velde and Marit Ubachs.

Let's continue our story together!