Michael Kempf

Michael Kempf has always been driven professionally by a desire to create something sustainable. His specific interests lie in the identification and diagnosis of complex interrelationships and the common shaping of the future. What makes him stand out: Calmness and a well-founded interaction with clients. He always jumps at the chance to learn and experience something new – this has run like a thread through his entire life. His journey has led him from work as a cabinetmaker right through to studies in education and business, then to work in the social sector, before later spending ten years working in various management roles (HR and logistics) in trade and industry, and since 1998 he has been active in the consultation of various different people and organizations. He is driven by transformation as well as new approaches such as design thinking and their integration into consulting practice.


  • Directing organizational divisions towards performance and excellence
  • Developing and overseeing extensive transformation processes
  • Coaching executives and teams in strategic alignment and realignment
  • Uniting different interests and roles
  • Linking expertise and processes

Past Projects

  • BIPA
  • Evonik HR Reorganisation
  • HC Starck
  • Boehringer Ingelheim

Good to Know

  • He has a passion for old cars, wine and wood.
  • His next aim: A 6-month sabbatical where he hopes to spend time in Brittany and South East Asia amongst other places.
  • He loves cooking and group discussion.

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