Manfred Höfler

Manfred has been an enthusiastic entrepreneur and consultant for change management and corporate development for over 30 years now. He guides challenging change and transformation processes intended to make organizations fit for the challenges of the 21st century with great enthusiasm. The emphasis of this is working together to devise viable future visions, lifting existing blockades and developing a wide range of individual potentials. Following a degree in economics and a few years of apprenticeship and moving around in roles as a university assistant, at a German consultancy firm and at the Management Academy, he founded the consultancy firm INFORA with Norbert Herbst. He was prompted to undertake further training in change management, group dynamics, strategic development and systems theory during his time at MIT, Columbia University and in Strathclyde and by his teachers Klaus Doppler, Walter Häfele, Edgar Schein, Gerry Johnson and Otto Scharmer. As a change management consultant, Manfred is a dedicated sounding board for executives in international concerns and large and medium-sized companies. He is an architect of innovative transformation projects and loves working with his clients to develop initiatives to make organizations more agile and to boost their innovative fitness.


  • Development and supervision of change processes
  • Agile transformation
  • Sustainable cultural change
  • Designing future-proof organizations
  • Boosting innovation culture
  • Strategic corporate development

Past Projects

  • BMW Group
  • Strabag
  • Sanofi
  • Austrian Control Bank
  • Arvato Bertelsmann
  • Speech Processing Solutions
  • Austrian Railways
  • Kärntner Landesversicherung

Good to Know

  • Avid adventurer traveling off the beaten track (preferably in Asia)
  • Loves cooking Asian food
  • Happily married and father to two children currently studying
  • Entrepreneurial hobby: Active cooperation in his wife’s design shop (mur.co.at)

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