András Karácsonyi

Heterogeneity and diversity are permanent companions to Andras Karácsonyi’s personal and professional life. After obtaining an MA in psychology, writing a PhD in business administration and as a consultant of several mid-size consultancy companies, he now focuses on working on projects of international organizations. Andras Karácsonyi is accomplished and efficient in international multi-stakeholder projects where behind the complexity of the topic the driving forces of individuals and teams can be identified and channeled in order to connect the personal with the organizational purpose.


  • Change management and organization development
  • Complex leadership development processes
  • Executive and developmental coaching
  • Joint development programs with internal consultants
  • Uncertainty reduction and focusing attention/energy in highly uncertain environments


  • General Electric
  • BASF
  • Arvato/Bertelsmann
  • Pepsi Americas
  • Siemens
  • Velux
  • Magna Powertrain
  • GSK Biologicals

Good to know

  • He currently lives Florence and explores and the whole of Italy.
  • Enjoys life together with his international family and communicating with them in several languages.
  • The once passionate hiker currently plans to return to this hobby together with his boys.

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