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Lean Startup, Design Thinking, service design and many other current approaches to innovation emphasize tight collaboration with customers. New services and products are co-created with customers in the field, not in dusty meeting rooms. Our approach helps you forward with three key aspects: process, methods and action. The process is agile and lean, aiming at dropping everything that does not take your idea towards the customers. It borrows its main structure from Lean Startup and De-sign Thinking, but is always tailored to your situation. The process emphasizes striking a balance between creativity and implementation. The design methods and tools for creative collaboration structure the work within your team and with your customers. The methods aim at sparking the creative flame within people and creating a safe atmosphere for close collaboration. Innovation design is about action. Instead of profound project planning, a rough struc-ture is set up and emphasis is put on creating new ideas and making sure you are working with the right problems. The process does not function without good planning, but the focus is on doing the right things now rather than knowing exactly what you will be doing next.

Design Successful Services

With our help you will develop successful services that meet the real customer needs and enable them to cope in tough global markets. The Innotiimi-ICG experts consult and facilitate design-based development projects. We help you set up, plan and im-plement effective and agile projects. We ensure your customers get excellent experi-ences as they participate in your innovation design projects for new services. In our training, you will learn how to set up the processes for design-based innovation, collect the right tools and methods for your toolbox and get ready to take action fast instead of endless planning. Join our open sessions or book a tailored training for your organization. Our approach to training and coaching takes you through the required theory and introduces effective tools through inspiring practice and experiences.