We can all get overwhelmed by these kinds of new ways to organize work. For an up-to-date and sometimes a little critical overview we refer to the book written by Ard Pieter de Man et al. ‘How to survive the organizational revolution?‘ If you want to make your own cocktail out of all these new concepts we have a step-by-step approach:

  1. Assess the necessity for and current level of agility, e.g. by using our scan
  2. Define the baseline of the organisation: which are the teams that are primarily relevant for the customer service? Also define the results we expect from these teams.
  3. Define which tasks can be decided on by the teams themselves and which tasks need coordination over several or all teams – these can be market(ing) related, about shared facilities, around HRM-issues, etc. etc.
  4. Design structures for communication and decision making on the task which need coordination – these can vary from holocratic methods to a more traditional hierarchical solution.
  5. Develop a change management strategy for implementing the coordination mechanisms and create a dynamic learning system out of it.