Asssessing the need for agility from the dynamics in our environment

Before diving into becoming agile, first question should be how agile you actually need to be.  This needs an assessment of how VUCA your environment is. In doing this personal opinions can vary a lot. This question is close to assessing the risk of disruption in your business. Always difficult because the patterns behind this are sometimes difficult to see and developments can accelerate
in an exponential way. Interesting reading on this can be found at IMD in Lausanne, which predicts disruptive developments in different businesses in the so called digital vortex.
Apart from this we quite often see several types of business within one company with different dynamics. Also differences between departments appear, e.g. in a bank the environment of transaction services should be very stable and asks for 100% operational excellence, whilst wholesale financing demands a very high level of flexibility on each client/deal.

Assessing the level of agility for your organization

By using the following questionnaire, either in dialogue or by a more thorough investigation by our consultants, you can assess the level of agility of your organisation.