Analysis, Prototyping, Learning

How do you improve collaboration between maintenance and production in the workplace? How do you improve the customer journey experience in healthcare? How do you guarantee the safety of e.g. the supply chain from the cows on a farm to the dairy packages bought by consumers in retail? Creating a team of professionals and clients is step 1; making a good analysis of the value stream is step 2; finding new solutions is step 3; translating this into the pre-conditions for all the organizations being involved in the supply chain is step 4.

We don’t only facilitate the process, but also add our experience, tools and methods as well as knowledge. We help with the analysis, but also in the decision making process afterwards.

Learning Together

We usually present impressive and concrete results after our consultancy. Our main challenge is to achieve sustainable results. This demands not only short-term effects, but also a profound learning process between partners. This starts with getting to know each other and everyone’s position. From there, we try to install a process of continuous improvement between organizations.