Balancing, Not Compromising

We provide a mixture of traditional strategic tools with specific attention to force-field analysis, balancing between interests/positions of different organizations and establishing a buy-in on a dream, before setting smart goals.

As independent consultants, we can identify ourselves with a common challenge, whereas all participating organizations in a network have to watch not only the common goal, but also its own interest. In a series of interviews and conferences at different levels, we help in finding the right partners for the network, defining a joint ambition and mobilizing individual leaders to support the common ambition. This way, we transform from an independent chairman of a fragile collaboration into being support staff for the implementation of common energy into action. We know the board’s perspective, but also act at operational levels. We support in the analysis, but also use games, simulations and systemic work in our consultancy.

Strategy & Engagement

Our aim is to make an impact by creating a successful collaboration. However, there are times we decide to stop the collaboration, saving the participants a lot of time and energy. Our concrete output is a strategy and project plan for the implementation, with the right partners at the right time. Individual companies learn how to co-operate outside their own company and thus improve their collaborative skills. What is probably more important is the engagement we create from individuals willing to support the collaboration and enable them to make it happen.