Smart Home - The Chinese way

“Smart Home” is a frequently used word in Europe and in general it means controlling your home online. People who want to live in smart households select smart TVs, smart lighting systems, implement digital security into lockers and Hi-Fi geeks will select the best music system. For every piece of this smart puzzle, there are special solutions and brands. In China you can make it easier... the Skyworth way.


Skyworth was established in 1988 in Shenzhen and currently belongs to a large-scale high-tech group company. They are mainly engaged in research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics, display devices, digital set-top-boxes, security monitoring, network communication and kitchen appliances. Through 26 years of development, Skyworth now ranks amongst the top 15 electronic appliance companies in China with its brand value reaching 7 billion USD.

Quality and Innovation on first place

In Europe we probably never heard about Skyworth (so far). During our visit in Shenzhen we were surprised how focused this company is on innovation and final quality. A good example are TVs: In their lab we could see direct comparison with renowned TV brands. We have seen excellent display quality, strong music performance and artificial intelligence integrated into TVs together with the ability to fully operate a device by voice. Finding the right TV channel, ordering food or change a flight ticket… all of this is possible with a Skyworth TV just by a voice commands.

Sounds from the TV screen come directly from the spot where action takes place. It is a sound which you can actually feel!


Business purposes and training challenges on radar

One of ICG’s strategies is to support and fully use digital content for our trainings soon. Skyworth has a supporting solution: A large, “magic board” with a size of up to 90 inches where you can present slides, draw pictures, share content and connect with participants online. Such a solution can really simplify all meetings or trainings and make them more effective.

All in one: great advantage

In summary, it seems that one of their biggest advantages is their broad portfolio in which they integrated all key solutions. TVs, music systems, security devices, internet of things, washing machines, lighting systems… all these systems are fully operated by a mobile app, external devices or simply just by voice.

In Europe? – They are coming.

As we have seen during our China trip, some really big and innovative companies are focusing on the Chinese market without an immediate focus on Europe. It is not really a case of Skyworth. From fall 2018 on, their product portfolio will be offered in the European market via the recently acquired brand METZ. So, let’s see, if our next TV in the living room will be a METZ (Skyworth).

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