First, Goals and Principles

We all know: “Structure follows function“. Fair enough but as soon as tasks and services are defined: What does the appropriate organizational structure look like? Is it oriented on customer groups, processes or functions? How can the organizational structure skillfully be combined with agile and fluid organizational elements in order to avoid a silo mentality?

The goals of a reorganization of structures are usually the same: competences should be bundled, a smooth internal collaboration without many interfaces and the client should be the focus. Fast and lean decision processes are a must-have of our time. This is what our approach considers: First, goals and principles and then reflecting on different options.

Mobilization and Market-Orientation

The goals of reorganizations can only be reached when mindset and work methods are changed. In our projects we pay attention that the key employees are mobilized and involved appropriately in certain steps. We focus on client’s and outer perspectives. This ensures that the structures and processes are oriented on the logic of the business and the market (in public management it is oriented on the needs of citizens).