This intensive workshop addresses project managers and other project responsibles who are seeking for sound and practical project management knowledge that supports them to plan, organize and manage their projects successfully. The workshop takes 2-3 days plus follow-up, depending on the company’s specific needs. The participants learn tools and principles step-by-step, exchange experiences and review success factors of effective project management. They practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge in practical exercises and transfer the methodology and their findings to their current project situation.

Typical Cases

  • Project Management capability in the company is to be shifted.
  • Challenging Projects have to be set up and organized effectively.
  • Stuck projects, that need new impulses.

What you will learn

In this intensive workshop held by experts in Project Management the participants get to know the opportunities and advantages of modern Project Management, enrich their individual management repertoire & toolset, learn how to advance their current projects and cope with critical incidents, and how to expand the Project Management capabilities in their company. This seminar comprises following fields of knowledge:

  • Use of modern Project Management approaches & frameworks.
  • Geting to know and apply success factors for projects.
  • Involving relevant project stakeholders.
  • Setting up an effective project organization.
  • How to structure a complex project in terms of goals, tasks and content.
  • Plan, control and report projects (benefit, quality, cost, time).
  • Establish efficient project work with your team.
  • Manage project meetings.
  • Cope with critical incidents.
  • Find solutions for your current situation.
  • Further develop Project Management in your company.