This practical workshop enhances your understanding about performance management and how it is linked to learning and development. During this one day seminar you will get a clear insight into the topic. Experienced professionals give practical ideas on how to implement performance management in your company in an easy way. Among other things you will learn how to construct your own logic model and involve your staff to achieve long term success. Of course, we shall be pleased to look into your own cases. By linking theoretical inputs with practical tools and examples we will work with you on:

  • Understanding the logic of performance management
  • Identifying outcome oriented goals and logic models
  • Resolving blockades, involving stakeholder
  • Learning practical approaches
  • Learning from the experience of others for easy implementation of performance systems
  • Increasing the own awareness of learning in organizations

Typical Audience

  • Stakeholders ask for more transparency: you need a clear insight into the way you work and want to know how to document it.
  • Achieve more with less resources? Sounds impossible, but is not.
  • Staff does not yet see the advantages of controlling. They need to recognize it as a way to improve their effectiveness.