Mikko Lehtonen

Mikko studied industrial engineering and financial economics: The promise of a “money machine operator’s occupation” glimmered in the future. But his interest in people and change processes quickly surpassed his enthusiasm for numbers. During his university career, Mikko delved into the subject “behavior and thinking of people in organizations.” Theories offer various and conflicting insights into the topic. over the years, he has developed a perspective on innovation, which can be summarized in three key points: 1. Genuine respect towards others builds fruitful soil for innovation. 2. Development takes place in interaction – innovation is not the business of lonely wolves. 3. Challenging your own thinking is difficult, but rewarding. At Innotiimi-ICG, Mikko focuses on facilitating co-operation, especially in new service design. He helps experts find new energy and ideas together.


  • Service innovation and participative development of services 
  • Service productization and development of service businesses 
  • Lean startup and developing innovation culture 
  • Development of public services and public service organizations

Past Projects

  • PerkinElmer 
  • Orion Pharma 
  • Fortum 
  • Planson United 
  • City of Helsinki

Good to Know

  • Relaxes by reading; the television gathers dust in the basement. 
  • Picks sounds onhis guitar when no one’s listening. 
  • Lives in the countryside in the midst of fresh air, woodlands and fields.
  • The amazed father of a small boy. A child’s radical development beats all innovations.

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