Marcel ICG 3

Marcel Jonkers

Consultant (General & Sales-Marketing Management/HR). More than 35 year’s experience within the FMCG market as a line manager and General Management. Experiences on professional and personal level have made my personal view more contemplative. Want to share my knowledge and experiences with others. Strong preference in a changeable environment. I have a strong social drive, which connects with the focus to share knowledge. Able to appoint problems giving others the opportunity to criticize themselves. Think in terms as sense of urgency, commitment and follow up. Able to convert and to create a new Commercial & Operational Organisation. Besides a strong focus on results, able to develop people by selecting the right talented people, by coaching and personal guidance. After studying Business Administration at the University of Sheffield I have worked for more then 20 years in customer-oriented multinationals such as Vendex Food Group, Sara Lee and Coca-Cola Enterprises. The last 15 years as an interim-manager & coach in several roles and responsibilities. What I have learned is that the concepts of cohesion and involvement are decisive for a successful organization. The results of the solutions I propose have therefore proven themselves in practice.


  • Project & process management: create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Team development & individual coaching: results through people as a facilitator of culture change. Accredited on Whole Brain model (HBDI) plus Values Driven Model.
  • Strategy Business Development: Analytical skills approach which will led to sustained long term alliances.

Past Projects

  • Lekkerland, Lantmannen, Orangina-Suntory, Haribo, Roerink Food Family, DOC, Wessanen.
  • Beemster, Super de Boer, Spa, Friesland Foods, Grolsch SAB-Miller, Smithfield.
  • Les Mills, AAKO, SNS Reaal, Productschap.

Good to Know

  • Family man; traditional dinner at home with friends and family.
  • Voluntary work; at PUM senior experts foundation for sustainable growth in Asia & Africa.
  • Connected network with students in Marketing MARUG University of Groningen.

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