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Erwin van de Pol

Why do people work? When are they willing to change the organization? As a consultant, Erwin is searching for answers to these questions for more than 30 years. He works as a projectleader, teamcoach and change management consultant and he is also active in interim leadership as well. Moreover, he is a researcher for crises in the political field. The experience he has gained and the fun in doing this have not been unnoticed, since he has won several prices for his consultancy work. As an ex-diplomat, Erwin is familiar with working in an international field and likes the nomadic way of life. If the old motto "Alle Menschen werden Brüder" comes around after an assignment, it was successful for him.


  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Organizational culture
  • Researchting the roots of the organisation, the community, the village for strategy and plans
  • Lecturer for Thought Leaderschip for Sioo (Dutch institute for Organizational Development by 8 universities) and Lecturer for Change Management for the The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Past Projects

  • Dutch local government (around 70 organizations): change management
  • Watercompany PWN: Management Development
  • Housing companies: strategy
  • Shell (NL, Portugal, Shell Solar)
  • Danfoss (Denmark, Germany, Slovenia)
  • Whirlpool (China)
  • Komercni Banka (Czech Republic)
  • ECHA (EU)

Good To Know

  • Is with his colums in the magazine Management&Consulting a well known consultant in The Netherlands
  • Writes for the reputable literary football magazine Hard Gras
  • Won 4 essay prices
  • City man that loves the sea, so shares his time between the both
  • Travelled since early youth all over the world
  • Speaks 5 languages

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