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Ernst Jan Reitsma

Ernst Jan's passion is to cure, heal or repair what people stops to realize their dreams in work. He is hopelessly in love with organizational psychology and is always trying to understand and influence what people do while being part of an organization. Most of us are autonomous, responsible adults. Why do we stop acting as such when we enter the workplace? What is the role of the self-fulfilling prophecy (Pygmalion) creating this situation? Why can youngsters and start ups skip all this and do whatever they like to realize their dreams?


  • Developing organizational culture
  • Development of mindset and behavior
  • Leadership development
  • Learning organization
  • Talent management
  • Team development

Past Projects

  • DSSmith (SCA Packaging): implementing Lean and the right mindset and behaviour
  • Teijin Aramid: combined with lean leadership.
  • NATO: implementing Lean philosophy and the right leadership attitude.
  • Vopak: High speed Leadership development program.
  • Neenah Coldenhove: realizing smart factory and modern leadership

Good to Know

  • EJ is a real outdoor person. Prefers to sit around the fire instead of being inside a building.
  • One of the best places to be is in the mountains.
  • EJ has 40 years of experience in leadership and talent development.

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