Antti Hellström

The motto "lead development – develop leadership" describes the key areas of Antti's consultancy and coaching. In his view, these topics affect not only supervisors, but also each individual in a team. With 15 years of practical experience in conducting business changes and 11 years of change management consulting, Antti has become an expert on real life change management. This is also visible in his life mission: to support leaders and create renewal strategies for organizations. The combination of Antti's expertise and business intelligence achieves creative solutions and rational goals in his consultancy projects. Antti is capable of dealing with various types of personnel and delivering them value and know-how.


  • Skills and tools for leaders and experts
  • Change management projects
  • Implementing renewal and strategic processes
  • Team building

Past Projects

  • Posti Oy
  • KONE Hissit
  • Genencor International
  • Katsa Oy
  • Caruna
  • Sodexo
  • Caverion
  • Uudenmaan maistraatti

Good to Know

  • Loves to fish and is always looking for a reliable fish radar
  • His family profits from his home cooking
  • Summer: relaxing in the cottage; winter: downhill skiing
  • Working on his golfing skills

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