We are (a)live!

By combining the strengths and experiences of ICG Integrated Consulting Group and Rijnconsult we created a company capable of helping your organization to start or get through almost any transformation. Whether it is for (re)defining your purpose, establishing a strategy or designing and implementing the proper (agile) structure, leadership, innovation mindset or cultural backbone: ICG Rijnconsult is there to advice and assist you.

We are not your everyday consultancy firm, our mindset is shaped by positive European principles such as diversity, a humanistic philosophy and quality orientation. We believe this is the ‘third way’ of consulting, where we have a broader palette than local firms and at the same time more focus and local touch than the global ones.

Over the past years ICG and Rijnconsult have fulfilled several assignments together. It appeared that our norms, values and ways of working are so similar that soon we found ourselves sharing knowledge, ideas and resources.

We are a group of more than 15 people in and outside the Netherlands working for and with ICG Rijnconsult. Want to get to know us or curious what we can do for your company? Don’t hesitate to reach out!