The Mechanisms of Disruption

Do you feel frightened or excited about the possibilities of disruption? What predominates: opportunities or threats? How can you stay ahead of those agile, hungry new start-ups that are coming up with new technologies to attack market giants? We believe that leaders need rousing impulses to understand the power of disruption (beyond the buzz word), how it relates to their business and how their organization can effectively act on it.

In an initial 2-day seminar we start with an introduction to the power of exponential technologies and explain why they are important levers for disruption. We address both digital and non-digital disruptions. In the business drama – a unique setting – the participants experience step-by-step the mechanisms of disruption, the threats and opportunities that come along with it and discuss effective “counter measures.” In the wargaming part, we apply these findings to the specific situation of your organization.

Act on Disruptive Opportunities

This seminar delivers a deep understanding to managers and executives of how disruption may concretely affect their business.

Based on the lessons learned we encourage to prototype with Rapid Innovation Teams one or more disruptions for your own market. This is a powerful – typically three-month – exercise that brings on the one hand a solid picture of concrete threats and opportunities and on the other, deeper insights into the organization’s abilities to act in a fast-changing environment.