Structure follows Processes

The weaknesses of hierarchical organizations are offset by business process management, and the organizational structure can be aligned along the processes. Using this approach, the frictional losses are reduced by having only few interfaces, inefficiencies are eliminated, and a strong focus is created on the alignment according to customer needs. 

We know what makes the difference: Often it is no longer enough to move in small steps from the actual process to the target process. Breaking down deadlocked patterns may require radical rethinking of the processes on a blank sheet of paper. For a professional business process management a clear goal has to be determined, in order to achieve the desired effectiveness by the designed and modeled processes. By defining process metrics to benchmark the process performance and to establish best practices in the form of reference models, success becomes measurable. We make sure that employees are mobilized and involved right from the start, so that your new processes are lived in your organization. 

Everything Flows

Factors such as speed, competitiveness and time to market continue to give business process management high priority in organizations. The disadvantages of a functional orientation in organizations are broken, and also “silo thinking” is a thing of the past. The representation of the entire process landscape in a structured process map and the customized visualization of processes in pragmatic swim lane graphics up to event-driven process chains create a uniform understanding and a solid process culture.